Midsize RAM 1200 Truck Being Added to Lineup  

Recently, it was announced that the new Ram 1200 truck will be added to the new U.S. Lineup of vehicles. It's likely that the reason for this announcement is partly to compete with the Ford Maverick, which is another small pickup. Other brands are also getting into the small pickup game as well, so it's not surprising that Ram will be doing the same thing.

The plan is to add 16 new models and upgrade 26 of them within the next three years or go. The exact details of the Ram 1200 aren't known yet, but there are rumors about it. For example, it's likely going to be similar to other vehicles in the Small Wide category li the 4 X4 vehicles.

It's likely that we aren't going to have all of the details until the year of release gets closer as well. This is specifically coming from South American vehicle businesses like Stelantis. The vehicle could also be available in different sizes, including also the Midsize pickup option. Estimations also include the possibility of having different variants of the Ram 1200 that specifically have the nine-speed auto transmission. This could also include a 4-wheel drive.

Estimates about engine options start at 2.0 liter Tigershark engines or bigger ones like the 202-liter Multijet turbo Diesel. Both of these aren't available in the U.S. So the American versions might go down to a 1.5 liter with the three-cylinder turbo diesel.

Some people think that the Dakota name might come back from Ram in this form, potentially. Ram may also want to become more competitive in this arena by having more entry-level options that are below the 1500 area. That way, Ram could have more areas where it could compete instead of just at the Ram 1500 level, where it competes more currently.

As there is still more time before this vehicle comes out, just about anything can happen in terms of changes to the vehicle's various features, including anything related to tech, engines, and so on. One way or another, it's certain that you will have options.

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