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Even if the problems seem minor at first, shaking in your car shouldn't be ignored. Shaking coming from any part of your vehicle might indicate a bigger underlying issue. Since shaking and vibration can cause more damage or pose a safety hazard, it's a good idea to have a mechanic take a look at your vehicle if it's shaking, producing strange sounds, or vibrating.


If the shaking in your car gets worse as you drive, the wheels may be to blame. The shaking may also be felt in the steering wheel. Sometimes, parts on the wheels, such as the lug nuts, might not be tight enough. They can also loosen as you drive, especially if you hit potholes or other rough surfaces. The wheels can also get dented, which in turn causes vibration and shaking.


The shaking that you notice in the car can also be attributed to brake issues. Your vehicle's brake maintenance and replacement schedules are located in the owner's manual. It's a good idea to have the brakes serviced at the recommended intervals to avoid more serious brake problems later on. Brakes worn out or have broken parts can make the car shake or vibrate, especially when you stop the car. The brakes last about 50,000 miles on average. Two parts that might wear out and cause shaking or even noises are the rotors and pads. The brake pads provide a protective layer of padding between the rotors. If they wear out, the rotors rub against each and create friction, which in turn causes them to wear down. The brake pads, rotors, or both might need replacement.


Several issues with the tires may explain the shaking in your vehicle. The tread on the tires can wear unevenly, which contributes to shaking. If there isn't enough tread left on the tires, shaking might result as well. Tires that are out of alignment, need to be rotated, or are not filled to the correct pressure level are also subject to excessive vibration. The tread on the tires can also become separated and contribute to the problem.


If the shaking starts when you start the car, the engine might be the leading cause. Engine-related shaking can continue as you're driving, too. A few engine parts might be the underlying source. First, try checking the spark plugs, which can last up to 100,000 miles, depending on your car. However, they'll likely be worn and need to be replaced by that point. On your own, you can look at the engine air filter too to see if it looks dirty or contaminated.


The crankshaft and CV joints, some axle components, can wear out and cause the car to shake. The axles themselves might also become dented or bent from a forceful impact on the road.

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