Diesel Lube, Oil, and Filter Special

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Getting factory-scheduled diesel oil changes is something that many drivers forgo, but it's also one of the most inexpensive ways to maintain the health of your diesel car and you'll save money on more expensive repairs in the long run. Engine oil deteriorates over time and becomes less effective at doing its job of transferring heat away from the combustion chamber and keeping vital engine components clean and lubricated. 

Getting a diesel oil change in Scottsdale at local auto retailer, Airpark CJDR, will help protect a very important under-the-hood part - your car's engine. Plus, it will also assist in improving fuel economy, reducing harmful emissions and enhancing your vehicle's overall performance.  Just like your typical gasoline-powered cars, diesel vehicles must also receive regular maintenance to stay in top shape, and oil changes are a big part of this. 

We cannot stress enough how important this simple service is to the long-term health of your car. Just like a nutritious diet improves your performance, clean oil will improve your engine's performance and protect it from early aging. So if you are due or overdue for this vital service, please print out the diesel oil change coupon above and schedule an appointment at Airpark's service center. 
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