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Replacing brake pads is a quick, low-cost service that will greatly enhance your safety. If you notice a grinding noise or metallic squeak when you hit your brake pedal, or if you've been periodically inspecting your pads and notice that they are now thin, it is time for a brake pad replacement. Front pads often wear out faster than their rear counterparts and, therefore, usually need to be replaced more often. The front brake pad replacement coupon above is perfect if it's about that time for your car. 

If you let your front brake pads go too long without replacing them, it can cause more expensive damage to the rotors and caliper pistons. When brake pads wear down, you may also notice that your vehicle does not stop as fast or that you must apply the brakes at a greater distance away from a stop to ensure that the car comes to a halt on time. To protect yourself and others around you, and to save money on costly part replacements in the future, make sure you have your front pads swapped out promptly if you're experiencing any of the issues mentioned above. 

Replacing brake pads in Scottsdale doesn't have to be expensive. Just print out the coupon above for a great deal and bring your car to Airpark CJDR!