Jeep Reinvents the Windshield Wiper  

Jeep has decided to completely reinvent its windshield wipers when it comes to options like the Wrangler or the Gladiator. In particular, the Wrangler HighTide will make good use of this new option.

Windshield Wipers Innovation

The new windshield wiper from Jeep is a new take on the traditional style. The traditional way of handling windshield wipers is to have a spigot at the base of the windshield. When you activate the wipers, fluid is fired out of these tubes and onto the windshield in an array. The wipers then wipe across the area, cleaning anything in its path. The problem is that this isn't especially efficient.

Instead, the new Jeep wipers have a bunch of holes in the blades themselves. These are cut with lasers. The traditional Jeep's infrastructure is changed with the kit you get for these wipers. It makes it so that you use a tube to reroute the spigots so that instead, the fluid comes out of the blades themselves.

Then, the fluid drips out of these holes on the blade when you activate the wipers. A second later, the wipers move across the area. The difference here is that the fluid is being delivered to exactly the area where it's needed instead of blasting across the whole windshield. In traditional wipers, it can be harder to make sure that the fluid ends up where it's needed instead of dripping down the shield too early.


The new kit, the Clean Sweep Kit, is designed to help vehicles like the HighTide avoid those “blind seconds” where the wiper is working, and you can't see anything. Since the new kit only adds liquid behind the blade, the splash of liquid throughout the whole windshield is avoided. This means that you can see on the other side, and the blind second is avoided. So, vehicles like this Wrangler will enhance their visibility during their offroading on beaches and elsewhere. In other words, it will increase your ability to see accurately.

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