History of Jeep  

We all know the Jeep brand is designed with durability that you simply won’t find with other vehicle manufacturers. Their lineup is perfect for anyone looking for adventure, but these are also vehicles that can withstand the demands of daily commuting. If you are interested in finding out more about the history of Jeep, read on to find out more!

The Origins of Jeep

There was a Jeep vehicle that was designed for military use in World War II. Around the time the United States entered the war, they decided to inquire with 135 manufacturers to see who could provide a vehicle design that would be adequate for this purpose. The two companies that stood out were Willys-Overland and the American Bantam Car Company. Willys-Overland wasn’t able to complete their design quickly enough, and American Bantam ran out of money. They filed for bankruptcy at this point. Karl Probst, a freelance designer, was hired to work on the project in 1940.

The Original Jeep Prototype

The prototype Jeep that Probst designed was called The Bantam Reconnaissance Car (BRC for short). Its construction was completed in Pennsylvania, and the final product was moved up to Maryland for military use.

How Did Jeep Get Its Name?

There are a few different theories regarding how Jeep got its name. Some people believe that ‘GP’ was a short name for the original prototype, as it stood for government purposes. When people said ‘GP’ quickly, it sounded like ‘Jeep.’ Another theory is that the Jeep brand got its name from Eugene the Jeep, a popular Popeye character. Officially speaking, Jeep applied for their trademark in 1943.

In 1970, American Motors Corporation purchased the Jeep brand, and it was sold to Chrysler in 1987. The prototype for the Wrangler had just been announced at an auto show in 1986.

The Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler has seen three redesigns since it was initially released in 1987. It’s seen a ton of popularity from many different demographics, and many awards have been handed to the Wrangler thanks to its durability and rugged exterior. Over the years, Jeep has added other models to its lineup, including the Compass, Renegade and Cherokee.

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