Fathom Blue Chrysler Pacifica parked in the snow  

If you own a newer Chrysler vehicle, you can start your engine with the remote start feature. To do this, you must first make sure that your car is in "Park," the doors are closed, the hazard lights are not on, and the ignition key is in the "Off" position. Once the conditions are met, all you need to do is press the "Remote Start" button on your RKE transmitter twice in rapid succession. Your vehicle's horn should beep quickly, and your headlights should flicker on momentarily. After that, your vehicle's engine should start.

Your vehicle will stay in its Remote Start mode for about 15 minutes. After that, your engine will shut itself down unless you put your car in gear and start driving. It will also shut down if your Low Fuel light is on, open the hood, or turn on any other engine warning lights.

Some Precautions

Never use your Remote Start mode when your vehicle is in a garage or another enclosed area. Doing so will significantly increase carbon monoxide levels in the area, which can be deadly when inhaled. You should also keep your RKE transmitter away from children since improper use of the Remote Start system, or door and window locks can result in serious injury or death in very small children.

For more information about using your Chrysler vehicle's remote start system, contact our dealership in Scottsdale today.