Dodge Electric Muscle Car  

Dodge’s CEO has claimed that they will not release any basic electric cars in the next few years. Still, the announcement of an electric muscle car in 2024 was communicated to the public recently. This announcement was released as part of a bigger plan on behalf of Stellantis, the parent company of Dodge. The eMuscle brand is going to be part of the Dodge lineup in the coming years.

The hope is that the electric motor under the hood of the Charger would provide more power and improved performance. Dodge is well known for attempting to upgrade horsepower and torque to the next level with their releases. With a limit to what gas motors can accomplish, CEO Timothy Kuniskis is excited about the opportunity to increase performance since he feels that the Dodge engineers are reaching the limit of what they can achieve with their internal combustion features.

Many automobile manufacturers are announcing what their plans are for the future when it comes to all-electric vehicles. Stellantis is planning to hold a briefing for investors to explain their goals as the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. It will be interesting to see how Dodge will change up the market with their electric developments. Other manufacturers are doing the same, such as Volvo, Tesla, and Volkswagen.