The main reason why your key fob may not be functioning properly is likely due to low battery. Consequently, the key fob battery will require immediate replacement. Follow this guide on how to replace your Jeep key fob battery safely to restore its functionality.

Signs of When to Replace the Key Fob Battery

  • The indicator light displays green flashes for approximately thirty seconds whenever the engine is switched off. It is an indication of reduced signal strength.
  • If you need multiple clicks to unlock the jeep door. A fully functional jeep key fob will unlock the door in a single click.
  • Your key fob is working inconsistently. If your key fob is working appropriately, it will activate anytime you press the button. On the other hand, if it fails to function after you press the button, it is an indication that the battery is worn out and should be replaced.

Tools Required For the Jeep Key Fob Battery Replacement Process

Before you embark on the battery replacement process, you should gather the required tools. Therefore, ensure you have a Flathead Screwdriver that is small in size. You will use it to retrieve the old battery. Additionally, purchase a new CR2032 battery that you will use as a replacement.

Steps to Follow When Replacing the Jeep Key Fob Battery

  1. Use the flathead screwdriver to open the jeep key fob. Insert it to the fob seam, which is located next to the keyring mount.
  2. Press down the screwdriver lightly to separate the key fob segments. As you press down, do not twist because it may damage the plastic and destroy the key fob.
  3. Access the old battery and remove it.
  4. Take the CR2032 battery that you purchased and insert it. As you place it, ensure the negative side is facing downwards.
  5. Take the circuit board and place it on the keypad. After that, take the keypad and place it in the fob.
  6. Take the two halves of your key fob and snap them together.
  7. If you have a key fob that contains a metal emergency key, replace it after closing the compartment.

After you have completed the replacement process, test the new batteries by pressing "lock" or "unlock" key fob buttons. If the key fob is functioning appropriately, you will see indications such as the door locks closing and opening or the parking lights flashing. On the other hand, if there are no signals, it is an indication that the new battery is not working. In that case, you will require assistance from a professional. You can visit our dealership and get help from an expert.

If you would like to know more on how to replace the Jeep key fob battery, contact or visit our dealership to get assistance from our Jeep experts.