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The fluids that keep your vehicle lubricated and running in top condition usually stay in their place and work seamlessly to give you a smooth driving experience. Sometimes, though, things go wrong with the components that house the fluids, and it's then that you get those pesky fluid leaks that begin as a mystery to you. After all, not every fluid in the vehicle is the same color, and one leak is going to look very different from another one. This brief guide is here to show you the general colors of specific fluids that keep your car fed and running happily. And while there may be other types of fluid out there that you can discuss with your mechanic, these are the most common fluids that may begin to leak from your car.

What's Leaking From Your Car? (Color Guide)

Pointing at Leak Spot

Determining what type of fluid is leaking from your car is essential to identifying the part that needs repair. Colors can be helpful in letting you and your mechanic know what car part is responsible for the leak. If your car is suffering from a leak, look for these colors to learn what might be causing the leak.

  • Clear color: Clear usually means that it's a water leak, and water typically comes from the air conditioner during normal condensation. Usually this isn't a problem, but you can always get a second opinion.
  • Orange: Orange, and colors close to orange, usually indicate a transmission fluid leak. This leak generally happens in the center of your car.
  • Light yellow to dark brown: This is usually a brake fluid leak and can indicate a problem with your brake system. The reason that there's a range of colors is because brake fluid will change color over time.
  • Light brown to black: This is a classic oil leak. If it's light brown, it's younger oil, while older oil is a thicker black color, as it's been used and recycled more. An oil leak can indicate a leak from the oil pan or even an engine issue, so the fact is that you're seeing a leak that may be serious is very important. Be glad that you caught it and report the color of the fluid to one of our certified mechanics.

Any type of fluid leaking from your car is going to rightly cause alarm on your part, and we don't blame you for being alarmed. If you continue to let the fluid leak out and don't fix the origin of the problem, you can do massive amounts of even permanent damage to your vehicle's important components. Letting a leak go on is just asking for trouble, and we highly recommend that you report the leak to your certified mechanic as soon as possible so that they can fix the problem before it damages your car's components.

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Call us today to set up an appointment to diagnose the source of your fluid leak. Your car's fluids keep vital components lubricated and running smoothly. Without fixing the leak and then replacing the fluids, you're risking a major shutdown of one of your car's parts, and that's something that no one wants to see happen. Our certified mechanics can check all the fluids in your car and help you get back out there on the road with a properly lubricated vehicle that's ready to go the extra mile for you. If you're interested in setting up an appointment, contact us today.

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