Phoenix Summer Driving Tips

If you’re a Phoenix resident, then you know that the summer months here in the Valley can be not only hot, but also a little dangerous, as the weather in Phoenix can be a bit unpredictable.

Producing everything from monsoons to extreme dust storms, it’s imperative that drivers understand the risks of driving in the desert during the summer and the precautions that need to be taken. Take a look below to see some tips on how to tackle this unpredictable driving season.

Beware of Monsoon Season

Toward the end of summer, the Valley will begin to experience what locals call “monsoon season.” This is a period of time when Phoenix is hit with torrential downpours and heavy winds that can make Valley life just a little bit complicated.

This is especially true when driving, as people need to take extra steps to avoid being caught out in this massive downpour of rain and wind. The main thing to do during monsoon season is to keep an eye on your local weather station. If they are predicating monsoons, use extra precautions before hitting the road to see if you can make it to your destination before it hits.

Not only is it dangerous to be out on the road during a monsoon, the heavy rain and wind can also cause flash flooding, which can sweep away a car in an instant. If you do find yourself out on the road when a monsoon hits, expects recommend getting to higher ground, pulling off to the side of the road with your lights turned off and simply waiting out the storm.

Watch Out for Haboobs

Dust storms, or haboobs, are also very common during monsoon season, when these epic storms push down strong winds, which then rustle up sand and dust from the desert floor. Winds during a haboob can reach upwards of 60 mph, with visibility becoming severely impaired.

On top of that, dangerous debris can also be tossed around in a haboob, causing even more damage to you and your car.

As with a monsoon, driving experts suggest never starting your journey while one is happening. If one comes up while you are on the road, you should pull over, turn your lights off and wait for it to pass.

REMEMBER: Arizona has a “Stupid Motorist Law” that states that if people knowingly drive in extreme weather and must be rescued, they will be charged for said rescue.

Never Leave Home Without a Bottle (or Case) of Water

Water is your friend here in the Valley, and during the extreme heat of the summer months, it’s vital that you keep a bottle, or even a large case of water, in your car. This will prove necessary if your car breaks down or if your battery decides to die while you are out driving.