Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

Holidays, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or Festivus, are a stressful time of the year for everyone, but have you ever imagined what it looks like through the eyes of your pet?

This festive season can actually be very strange for our pets. There are new decorations being put all around houses and yards, we bring in trees from outside, and there are all kinds of weird smells around the home. Add a lot of holiday visitors, crazy schedules, and dangerous toxins to this mix and you have surely got a recipe for disaster.

It goes without saying that we need to pay special attention to our pets during the holiday season. Keeping their needs in mind while decorating and planning trips, as well as educating the people we invite into our homes, is the least we can do for our furry family members. Following these simple dog Christmas safety tips will keep Fido happy and healthy through the New Year!


  • Use LED candles instead of real ones
  • Don't use holly, poinsettia or mistletoe (poisonous)
  • Anchor your holiday tree
  • Avoid glass or breakable ornaments and avoid edible ones
  • Don't let your pet drink the tree water
  • Hide extension cords and consider spraying with a product like Bitter Apple
  • Consider blocking off your tree


  • Keep chocolate out of reach
  • Don't feed pets cooked bones and limit table scraps
  • Keep a close eye on dough that could expand in their bellies
  • Wash pans and dishes immediately to avoid tempting pets


  • Educate your guests about your pets’ personalities
  • If people are drinking heavily isolate your pets to prevent people getting 'handsy,’ rough or leaving doors inadvertently open
  • Be wary of children and educate them about how to treat your pet
  • Try to keep as normal a schedule as possible

We all adore our animals, so let's make this holiday season as fun for them as it is for us!

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