Automaker Fiat Chrysler has just added Android Auto capabilities to its cars, making Android users very excited. Google isn’t stopping there though, not only are they continuing to improve their smartphone integration system, they are also debuting a new Android dashboard that could appear in new cars, trucks and SUVs very soon.

This new system premiered at Google’s annual I/O conference for developers. During the event, the tech giant unveiled their Android-powered car dashboard that would be a truly innovative step for those who love these amazing pieces of Google technology.

The dashboard will include a touchscreen interface and will operate off of their current Android N operating system. This new system will do a lot of what Android auto does now: playing music, routing navigation and sending messages, while adding other autonomous features that could control the entire vehicle.

This successor to Android Auto is already being hailed as a terrific new piece of in-car technology. To find out more about Android Auto, visit us today at Airpark to see how you can add it to your new Jeep, Chrysler, Ram or Dodge car.

The Android Dashboard is still considered in-development, but we’ll keep you updated as Google releases more information about this fantastic new infotainment system.

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