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How To Use Remote Start in My Chrysler

Fathom Blue Chrysler Pacifica parked in the snow  

If you own a newer Chrysler vehicle, you can start your engine with the remote start feature. To do this, you must first make sure that your car is in "Park," the doors are closed, the hazard lights are not on, and the ignition key is in the "Off" position. Once the conditions are met, all you need to do is press the "Remote Start" button on your RKE transmitter twice in rapid succession. Your vehicle's horn should beep quickly, and your headlights should flicker on momentarily. After that, your vehicle's engine should start.

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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable

Family in a Car

Having your car in good shape brings joy to any motorist. It is very satisfactory to know that you can depend on your vehicle to serve you without fail. Having such confidence, however, requires that you conduct occasional care and maintenance on your vehicle. When vehicle maintenance is mentioned, most people envision the expensive and time-consuming activities that take place in garages and car dealerships. However, there are some simple maintenance practices that you can occasionally conduct to ensure that your car remains dependable and in good shape. Below are a few.

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What does the Trail Rated badge on a Jeep indicate? Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep explains.

221 × 186Trail Rated®

The Trail Rated® badge on Jeep® 4x4s represents a series of grueling tests that prove its off-road capability on some of the toughest trails on the planet.


Jeep® Trail Rated® 4x4s have enough traction and capability to climb some of the toughest terrain on earth. Jeep vehicles offer a variety of 4x4 systems to suit all kinds of off-road challenges and driving conditions. Testing includes traction on untamed, slippery roads (wet, mud, snow) and on steep grades.
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Trailering and Towing Tips for Summer Boating in Arizona

Summer is upon us and that means people will be traveling to lakes across Arizona to do a little cruisin’, fishin’ or just plain tubin’. If you’re new to boating, or just haven’t taken your Ram truck out to the lake in a while, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to properly trailer and tow your boat, so you and your family will have a safe and fun boating season!

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